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Lela in Tempe

Lela Prashad, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Lela Prashad is the Chief Executive Officer for and co-founder of NiJeL. Lela’s work at NiJeL is focused on developing custom participatory mapping and data analysis/visualization systems, with an emphasis on building and utilizing open source software, for client organizations. She was concurrently the director of the 100 Cities Project from 2007 - 2011, a NASA-funded program at Arizona State University to collect satellite based remote sensing data from cities around the world and to build collaborations among urban decision-makers and scientists.

Lela is currently advising the 100 Cities Project and development of software as a contractor for ASU. Her work at the 100 Cities Project included developing use-inspired research applications of multi-spectral satellite remote sensing for scientists and decision-makers, providing guidance to software engineers in adapting NASA-developed online remote sensing analysis tools for non-technical users, and working with organizations such as the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, The World Bank, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology SENSEable City Lab to understand how practitioners can best utilize the growing number of datasets and models available to them to make better decisions. Prashad received her Master of Science in Geological Sciences from ASU in 2004 and held an associateship in the NSF Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training (IGERT) in Urban Ecology program. She has over 10 years of GIS mapping, programming, data analysis, and research experience in academic, government, and corporate environments. She is skilled in computer programming, web development, and statistical analysis.

JD Godchaux in Ramallah

JD Godchaux, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

JD Godchaux is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of NiJeL. He has over 15 years experience in both directing and contributing to data visualization projects. An expert in open source GIS, visualization, and data management tools, JD has worked with a wide range of organizations to build and execute data visualization strategies. With the team at NiJeL, he has created many custom structured relational databases, built web applications to add, edit, and update databases, and built web visualization tool for organizations to show who they serve, advocate for their causes, and visualize program impacts. JD has extensive experience scripting in SQL to access data from both MySQL and PostgreSQL database environments, as well as experience developing web applications in Python, PHP and JavaScript.

JD holds a Bachelor of Science in Geosciences from Trinity University and a Master in Public Administration from Arizona State University. Prior to his work at NiJeL, he was a Senior Policy Analyst at Morrison Institute for Public Policy where he worked as a survey researcher and a program evaluator. Prior to his work at Morrison Institute, he held the position of Environmental Protection Specialist at the United States Environmental Protection Agency where, among other responsibilities, he created interactive maps and other visualizations of the impacts of air toxics on local populations. JD also worked as a GIS Specialist for the United Stated Geological Survey’s Earthquake Hazards Team, building a desktop GIS visualization of the Peninsula segment of the San Andreas Fault.


Nancy in DC

Nancy Jones, Board of Directors and Co-Founder

Nancy is currently the data manager of the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance at Jacob France Institute, University of Baltimore. Previously she was a planner with the Baltimore Metropolitan Council and a research associate at the Decision Center for a Desert City at Arizona State University.  She got her start working with GIS in 1997 when she took a class at ASU and has been having fun with maps since then.  Nancy holds a B.S. in Biology from Old Dominion University and a Masters in Urban and Environmental Planning at ASU.


Lyzette Bullock

Lyzzette Bullock, Board of Directors

Lyzzette Bullock was appointed to NiJeL's board of directors in 2010. Ms. Bullock is an attorney practicing in commercial litigation and criminal law at Quarles & Brady, LLP. Her practice focuses on general litigation, including contract disputes and criminal defense. Ms. Bullock is also a founding member and financial secretary on the board of directors of Community Resource Initiative (CRI), a San Francisco based non-profit which provides legal and non-legal support for people accused of capital crimes. Prior to her current work, Ms. Bullock worked as a law clerk for an Arizona Court of Appeals judge and a legislative aide for a Massachusetts State Representative. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and Spanish from Wellesley College and a J.D. from The University of Michigan Law School. She provides both legal expertise and critical evaluation of NiJeL’s work as an outside technical expert.


Lyzette Bullock

Kat Hartman, Director of Design and User Experience

Kat Hartman is an information designer who enjoys finding the intersections between design and research, her favorite being data visualization. She received her MFA from the Stamps School of Art + Design at the University of Michigan. She has worked as a data analyst at multiple non-profit organizations including Data Driven Detroit, a National Neighborhood Indicators Partner (NNIP) with the Urban Institute. She has also designed illustrated health materials for UNICEF in Botswana and German Agro Action in Ethiopia. Her online portfolio can be found here: www.kathartman.com.


Teddy Otieno Asola

Teddy Otieno Asola, Software Developer

Teddy Otieno Asola, is a software developer who decided to take up programming so as to learn the role it plays in the animation field. With the realization that programming is such a powerful problem solving tool and the numerous fields it touches upon, Teddy thinks that he stumbled upon a gold mine. Leveraging his technical chops in MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and NodeJS), Teddy has built/contributed to numerous apps touching on different industries, ranging from cosmetic to social platforms. He studied Film Technology and Theatre Arts at Kenyatta University. A design enthusiast, Teddy enjoys satisfying his eyes with any visual medium that is aesthetically pleasing. He also enjoys traveling, gaming, photography and animation.